Advanced Catheter Technology


Arkis CerebroFloTM EVD Catheter with Endexo® ClotGuardTM Technology:

The Endexo® molecule is a fluoro-oligomeric polymer that results in a passivated surface, which has been shown in-vitro to reduce platelet adhesion and activation, and thrombus formation on catheter surfaces. Endexo® technology is a permanent additive for polymer lumens, not a coating that depletes. An in-licensed polymer technology, Endexo® has been commercially shown by Angiodynamics and other companies to significantly reduce in-vitro thrombus accumulation by > 80% in a variety of catheters and dialyzers. Arkis plans to introduce the technology in the near future beginning with CerebroFloTM external ventricular drainage kit, currently pending 510K clearance.


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